Brian Kelly is out of the Natty Run before Labor Day...

Yes, it's only "Year 2." But that didn't seem to matter to the other two head coaches (of different sports) that LSU brought in last January. The new Baseball Coach? Natty. The new Women's Basketball Coach? Natty. The new Football Coach...? Not even Playoff Eligible after an embarrassing loss to Florida State, on Opening Day.

Now look, Brian Kelly isn't exactly in the "Michigan Club," here. He didn't lose to Appalachian State, or some slack Group of 5 squad. He lost to a talented, and (clearly) dangerous Florida State Seminoles program. And this is only Year 2 under his regime.

But as a mildly bitter Fighting Irish fan (who does recall how BK left us, in the middle of the night, on a cold night in December, in 2021, and tried to drag all of his assistants down to the Bayou with him, without so much as an apology), it does feel kind of good to see BK's team "humbled," as it were, on Opening Night of the season. Especially a season in which his ND replacement, Marcus Freeman, has the Irish at 2-0, after two dominating wins, including one over Navy.

I do feel a teensy bit bad for LSU fans. I'm sure most of them had Lincoln Riley as their first choice to replace Ed Orgeron, and not Brian Kelly. And I'm certain that more than a few of them were mildly embarrassed when Brian Kelly's oily attempt at a Louisiana Accent went viral on the internet for a couple of days. They didn't ask for this. But you know what? They gotta deal with it now. Just as we had to deal with BK's "Almost but not quite there"isms for 20 years. What's his excuse going to be now? In South Bend, it was always "well, we have to shop down a different aisle" in recruiting. At LSU... that excuse is unacceptable! Because guess what, in the SEC, in the State of Louisiana, there is NO "shopping down a different aisle!"

And while only the nuttiest of fanboys would have projected Brian Kelly to win a National Championship in only his second season, I'm absolutely sure that none of them imagined that they would be starting out Year 2, without even being in the running for a Playoff spot!

I'm not throwing any parties here. I'm just kind of silently nodding my head, with a knowing smirk on my face, because what happened down south tonight is exactly what we Irish fans have had to deal with, at least once a year, every single year, since 2010. This is what you have now, LSU fans. And this is what LSU's Athletic Director has to deal with. Don't enjoy it. But deal with it. Most of the next decade, I'd wager, is going to be filled with "almost but not quite there" excuses. Just as Notre Dame fans had to deal with, for twice that long.

There. I feel better now. I will now proceed to root against Florida State in every single other game they play this season (because: reasons).

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