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Notre Dame VS Tennessee State: Overreactions

Getting general here

NCAA Football: Tennessee State at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Back at it.

Attention everyone: the posts going through overreactions to Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football games are back. Like last season, I will be taking you through some definite TAKES that we see in the heat of the games online or in the aftermath. Some of these thoughts and opinions are warranted, but some are just firing off tweets because we do that (I am guilty). Ok, away we go.*

*As a note, there is not much of an overreaction to a 56-3 whomping of an FCS team, so you might see some more general overreactions but we’re doing it live!

We are beginning to feel it a bit more

This one isn’t as reactionary, but it is one that I didn’t really see coming nor did I think about it at the time because we didn’t ever really have Ramon Henderson hype. I can’t disagree with it, because this play was awesome. Kyle Hamilton was a once-in-a-generation talent, and a similar interception to his from 2 seasons ago could produce some similarities in the mind, but I want to see more from Henderson before making the full comparison.

No Tweet Reference, but It’s Something I Said

I was in Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday, and in the second half with Sam Hartman firmly ensconced on the sideline helping to call plays, you could see Audric Estime getting carries in the later part of the third quarter. I had wondered out loud why he was in the game because we don’t need the starting running back getting hurt on some whacky play in a blowout. People had remarked Steve Angeli might be getting full, 1st Team reps in at QB, which would make sense. But, I was generally and mildly irked at Estime still in the game at that point.

This is Just An Observation and Overreaction to be Addressed

This is more general, but I have to say my peace here. A TOTAL overreaction. Nobody better be complaining about football when we have been deprived of it for eight months. It’s Week 1, and it is rare you’re going to get a half dozen insane matchups. Plus, games were close. I watched Wyoming-Texas Tech finish in Double OT, and it was awesome. No one complain about any football when it is back, I won’t have it.