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Earned 5-Star Podcast: Notre Dame ran home to momma VS Ohio State and now we Duke

Review/Preview for the win

Joshua, Jude, Brendan, and some of Greg wipe away the tears of sadness to ride this hot pod to a secret meeting room to discuss Notre Dame’s loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes AND preview the upcoming game against the Duke Blue Devils. In this episode:

  • HELLO!
  • Our listeners are awesome and should spread the Earned 5-Star gospel.
  • Joshua’s ominous moment with Oak became the reality.
  • SO... let’s get into everything about the Ohio State game.
  • The final minutes.
  • Playing scared versus playing conservatively - is there a difference?
  • Joshua and Brendan have an argument.
  • When it’s tough you do what you know.
  • Who’s fault is it?
  • The vibes in the stadium and around campus were immaculate until they weren’t.
  • Hello Duke.
  • Does Brendan think that Duke actually stinks?
  • Big night in Wallace-Wade.
  • Greg Flammang ambushes the show.
  • Lots of Greg thoghts.
  • The E5-Star Top 20.
  • Game picks.

And plenty more weaved in and out of the show.

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