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Earned 5-Star Podcast: Let’s do a Notre Dame/MAC swap

One player and one time frame

Charlie Batch — Eastern Michigan
Charlie Batch — Eastern Michigan

Happy college football Saturday y’all! I just wanted to use the pod machine to give you guys a boost while you do your Saturday morning chores (or whatever) and it brought me down a fun little path.

Short and sweet... which former MAC football player do you wish you could swap out at Notre Dame during that same period? My own personal choice had me pounding away at some research (also known as Googling) and the results had me chuckling. My choice is GOOOOOOD. So have some fun with that.

BONUS... I was able to hide this episode from Jack Valor, and we finally have that Central Michigan preview from Brendan up and running for you. You know... if you were unsure if CMU was secretly trash or not. Enjoy!

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