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Notre Dame Football: Another blowout win moves the Irish up in the rankings

For some

Notre Dame v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Notre Dame’s 45-24 victory on the road Saturday over the NC State Wolfpack was kind of a bi-polar affair to watch, and it’s being treated as such in the media anf around other fanbases. Some were very impressed with what the Irish did — especially when you combo it with the other two performances on the season. Some just felt it was a good perfomance but probably missed a lot because of the weather delay.

At least the AP voters gave the Irish some credit, and now the Irish are ranked ahead of the Alabama Crimson Tide (which just feels strange). Notre Dame come’s in at #9 in the AP Top 25, while the Coaches Poll kept the Irish at #11.

Notre Dame opponents that show up in the AP Top 25 are:

Some big name that you might know dropped out of the top 25 but still got some votes. You can figure that out with this list of Irish opponents that received votes this week:

Okay then...

If you listen to the Earned 5-Star Podcast, you heard us unveil our initial Top 20 rankings last week. Be sure to download and listen this week for our next set of rankings. Here’s a refresher of where we stood before Saturday’s action.