Rough season (already) for the SEC!

I've already mentioned LSU losing their opener, to Florida State, last week. So I'm not going to dwell on that anymore.

But Florida got humiliated by Utah, in Week One.

Alabama just lost to Texas. Not a bad loss, but also not one that 'Bama can afford to have, with the likes of Georgia looming ahead of them...

Mississippi State is 2-0, but I mean come on... It's MISSISSIPPI STATE! They needed overtime to beat an average Arizona team yesterday. That's not a good sign.

Missouri barely managed to get past Middle Tennessee. Not ACTUAL Tennessee, but MIDDLE Tennessee! Which tells me they are primed to get spanked, against a better foe, in the coming weeks.

South Carolina lost to North Carolina, in their big rivalry game, in Week One. So they're out.

Texas A&M just got humiliated, yesterday, by the Miami Hurricanes (and while the Canes winning almost never makes me happy, I gotta give credit where it's due). So TAMU's season looks doomed out of the gate.

That's a pretty rough first couple of weeks, for a conference whose fans always pride themselves on "being the best-est in the world!!" Might we actually be staring down the gun-barrels of a Playoff, in which there is clearly only one SEC team that is worthy, prior to SEC Championship Saturday?? How refreshing would THAT be?!! As somebody who has had it up to the ceiling with SEC fans looking down their noses at the rest of College Football (just because only one team, 'Bama, has dominated the sport for a decade), seeing the SEC's best and brightest already have a blemish on their records, so early on in the season, just warms my bitter heart!

Now, if Michigan could bring themselves to lose a game or two, this coming postseason might actually be fun for me to watch, even if the Fighting Irish do not make it to the finish line undefeated. I mean, hell, let's just say it out loud, all of these SEC teams losing in the first couple of weeks actually increases Notre Dame's chances of making the final Four Team Playoff, even with a loss to USC, or Ohio State! If ND can at least go 11-1, and their only blemish is against either the Buckeyes, or the Trojans, that looks infinitely better than some of these losses that SEC teams have on their slate!

That's the thing... We have to go 11-1. 10-2, and we're out. I don't need to hear that, I already know it. But three months ago, if you asked me if the Fighting Irish would have a better record, halfway through September, than Alabama does, I'd want to know what exactly you'd just been smoking. Well... Apparently, after Alabama's stunner, last night, against the Longhorns, I'm smoking that wonderful weed right along with you guys...

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