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Notre Dame Football: The Fighting Irish scheduling problem

I was told there was no issue

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 14 New Mexico at Notre Dame

On Monday, it was announced that the Miami Hurricanes will no longer be on the 2024 Notre Dame Football schedule.


Well — no — it’s not very cool at all. While on the surface, this seems like Miami is to blame, Notre Dame isn’t exactly an innocent party.

The Miami game was scheduled as a home game for the Irish, and it was a big name with series history that Notre Dame needed to put lipstick on the pig that is the 2024 schedule (especially at home).

Two MAC schools, two mid-tier ACC schools, a homeless Stanford squad, and maybe (maybe) a risen Florida State — if you’re counting along.

It’s disgusting and might be one of the worst home slates in recent memory.

If you’re still counting (because this is important) that still leaves Notre Dame with six home games, but eleven for the season.


We’ve talked about this several times on the Earned 5-Star Podcast, so if it happens — it won’t be a shock to me. The most likely move is Notre Dame VS Army at Yankee Stadium on November 23rd. Both schools have the date open, Yankee Stadium won’t have baseball being played daily, and there is that 100th anniversary of the 1924 game. There was also something about a photo between Marcus Freeman and Army HC Jeff Monken in New York, but as easily as I remember that, I can’t find the photo.

Because this will technically be a home game for Notre Dame, I can virtually guarantee you that this will be a Shamrock Series game on NBC with Under Armour uniforms to celebrate the moment. Hell... they even have some already in the closet.

Navy v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I give you a 99% guarantee this is happening.


The easy answer... because Jack Swarbrick is in charge, and Notre Dame loves to remind everyone that it used to be a national powerhouse by highlighting ancient battles and eras long ago.

The full answer is only a little bit more nuanced. Swarbrick has spoken before about the “logistical problems” of holding a 7th home game inside Notre Dame Stadium. Even though it never seems to be a big problem for other big programs, the “logistical problems” must be something they just don’t want to tackle. It’s also why I’ve already been telling readers and listeners to be wary about these future home college football playoff games... because there is language in the deal that allows the game to be moved to a different site (because somehow that’s easier).


That this schedule will be the punchline to every Notre Dame joke from January 2024 to January 2025? Two MAC schools, two service academies — FULL STOP. It almost doesn’t matter what’s left on the schedule, but at best, the Irish need the Texas A&M Aggies, Florida State Seminoles, and USC Trojans to be top 15ish. While it’s possible, it still feels like a reach.

No, the real problem is highlighted by what’s happening all around us. These massive moves across the country with conference realignment, and the uncertainty it creates for Notre Dame’s opponents, makes this schedule look even more ridiculous. THIS is what we get under fairly good circumstances, but what happens down the road as teams line up their own junk before they take on their mega-conference schedule?

Jack Swarbrick has talked before about having no problems finding opponents for Notre Dame Football — but THIS 2024 schedule is cool with him?

I just find it utterly ridiculous and unserious. No one is asking for a murderer’s row, but the schedule HAS to be better than what is there in 2024. Even if you want to call it a “one-off” kind of year — WHY IS THERE EVER A ONE-OFF KIND OF YEAR IF THERE ISN’T A PROBLEM IN SCHEDULING?

I’m sorry for shouting, but someone has to.


To prove that I’m not blinded by this group of five schedule rage, there is one incredibly good silver lining with such a schedule. Notre Dame will most likely be breaking in a new starting quarterback in 2024 whether he be a freshman, red-shirt freshman, or a true junior. While Kyle Field may not be the best place to start, there’s plenty of wiggle to bring up a QB without a ton of pressure.

I guess.


Enjoy this 2023 season — especially at home (which also has an FCS school and a MAC school). It could be a while before we have two absolutely huge games like USC and Ohio State in South Bend in the same season, and with conference realignment — it might get weirder.