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Notre Dame Football: What’s with this Under Armour contract with the Irish?

Let’s spill some green tea.

What’s With This Under Armour Contract?

This uni drop coincides with Notre Dame’s new contract with Under Armour. Notre Dame will be a UA school for 10 more years. I’ve made the case for a switch to the Swoosh on this blog before. When it comes down to it, Nike has the heritage and the streetwear appeal that Under Armour lacks.

We all know the image factor means a great deal to a recruiting pool of social media natives, but what will a renewed relationship with Under Armour mean now that head coach Marcus Freeman has spent a season at the Irish helm? Could it provide a clearer reflection of the Irish image than some fans think? Could Freeman’s style and the social media buzz surrounding his stash of exclusive Under Armour awesomeness influence bolder fan gear in the coming seasons? With the Freeman era now underway and the demand for his sweatshirt rotation already established, it may pay for UA to take cues from the amazement around coach’s style, especially after calls to switch to Nike among other brands have left some fans a little frustrated.

With NIL now in the mix, the extension of the university’s partnership with Under Armour will likely ding the athletic program the most on the basketball court, where it’s all about the shoes. However, only time will tell if the continuation of the relationship will provide more memorable football fan gear and the right look for the Irish brand as a whole.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have released a new green football uniform ahead of the Ohio State game and for me to stay silent would be the furthest thing from right and just. This new uni is giving 1973 USC game and I’m here for it.

The Final Verdict

This fresh new look marks a significant improvement from the greened-out look of the 2015 Shamrock Series uniform.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Vs. Boston College Eagles In Shamrock Series At Fenway Park Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

I’ve said it multiple times on this blog: there is no need to include both school colors AND green for the sake of including them all. The 2023 alternates also feature a brighter, fresher shot of green. The Irish know their trademark helmet packs one major punch as it is. Leaving all other gold to the cleats, gloves and around numbers and logos provides the optimal balance.

The new uni brings that characteristic Under Armour minimalism, but just enough brightness and gold glitz to give fans a jolt. I give this alternate uniform my most enthusiastic endorsement. I have spoken.

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