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One sentence for every Notre Dame Football player heading into the 2023 season

The quickest of thoughts

Stanford v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

It’s been a long offseason, and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are hard at work in fall camp as they prepare for the 2023 college football season. So... let’s give a shout-out to all of the scholarship football players on the roster.

#0 WR Deion Colzie — Underrated going into the season by people that forget that 6’4” pass catchers are fun to have.

#0 S Xavier Watts — Could be in line for one of those breakout years that people in South Bend talk about for a decade with steady play throughout the season, and a couple of big plays in the big games.

#1 DE Javontae Jean-Baptiste — I’m not sure what to expect in 2023, but my belief is that JJB is more likely to have a good year than not (fence-sitting).

#2 S DJ Brown — Brown is the most experienced safety on the roster, but needs to become more consistent if he is going to help the Irish win.

#2 WR Chris Tyree — Tyree’s position change will at least allow him to get the ball in space more often, which is what we have screamed about over the past two seasons.

#3 LB Jaylen Sneed — I’m not sure how many snaps Sneed will play, but a vast majority of them will be on passing downs as ND manufactures more pass rush.

#3 RB Gi’Bran Payne — Maybe it’s the jersey number, but Payne is a guy that can successfully be used in the passing game like another former #3 was... Darius Walker.

#4 S Antonio Carter II — Post spring transfers are a mystery to me.

#5 CB Cam Hart — If he stays healthy Hart could have a massive year and help create one of the better CB duos in CFB.

#5 WR Tobias Merriweather — It’s possible for him to have a really good season without living up to the fan hype, but not likely.

#6 DB Clarence Lewis — It’s redemption season for Lewis, and he’ll do it at the nickel (like TaRiq Bracy).

#7 DB Jaden Mickey — He will probably have less pressure on him this season than in 2022 which could allow for actual growth rather than fighting off the wolves.

#7 RB Audric Estime — Of all the running backs in CFB that are built to carry the load, Estime is definitely one, but has the luxury of good depth behind him to stay fresh and dangerous.

#8 QB Kenny Minchey — Minchey will see the field and get a redshirt this season as he works toward a spring battle in 2024.

#8 LB Marist Liufau — Marist had more snaps on defense than any other Irish player in 2022, but that will probably change in 2023, and it will be beneficial to him and the defense.

#9 TE Eli Raridon — If he can get healthy and stay healthy, he might be ND’s best pass catching option at TE.

#10 QB Sam Hartman — If he lives up to expectations, they may put a mural on the other side of the library.

#11 S Ramon Henderson — He has some of the best playmaking ability of the safety group, but will have a fight for playing time.

#11 WR KK Smith — The artist formerly known as Kaleb Smith the Younger is out for the next couple of months and will likely be a non-playing freshman.

#12 DE Jordan Botelho — It feels like we’ve been waiting for Botelho to blow up for several years now, and the Irish need this to happen NOW more than ever.

#12 RB Jeremiyah Love — The Ricky Watters comparison is out there and 443 offensive yards and 3 touchdowns matches that freshman year.

#13 TE Holden Staes — In a talented tight end room, Staes stands out as (maybe) the best overall player in the group.

#13 S Thomas Harper — Wish we could have seen more this spring, but he was injured.

#14 WR Braylon James — The talented freshman will likely redshirt in 2023, but we could see some fantastic flashes along the way.

#14 P Bryce McFerson — He is a punter.

#15 CB Ryan Barnes — I’m equally surprised that Barnes didn’t move to safety or transfer, and I’m ready to be shocked.

#16 CB Micah Bell — He’s really fast and could become a big special teams contributor as a freshman.

#17 DE Brenan Vernon — Quite possibly the most disrespected player in the freshman class, and carries the pride of OHIO in his heart.

#17 WR Rico Flores — Another freshman receiver that could see the field right away.

#18 CB Chance Tucker — In what has become a deep cornerback room, I’m unsure how much Tucker ends up contributing this season.

#18 QB Steve Angeli — The New Jersey native gets another year (presumably) to learn behind a starter, which could help him immensely in the spring of 2024.

#19 WR Jaden Greathouse — Hoping he turns a 20 catch Blue-Gold game performance into a breakout season rather than be that “spring name” if you know what I mean.

#20 CB Benjamin Morrison — At this point, anything less than an All-American type of season will feel like a disappointment (because his expectations are through the roof).

#21 S Adon Shuler — Freshman redshirt on the way.

#22 S Ben Minich — Hanging with Adon Shuler.

#23 LB Jaiden Ausberry — I’m not sure where he fits in the puzzle this year, but my bet is on him being a special teams regular.

#24 RB Jadarian Price — There were whispers back in spring of 2022 that Price had a good chance of being a player used in heavy rotation, and now that he’s healthy, we may see him as the main counter to Estime.

#24 LB Jack Kiser — Underrated by Irish fans and will prove them wrong (again).

#25 LB Preston Zinter — Great size and curious to how he develops.

#27 LB JD Bertrand — See Jack Kiser and raise it with two-time leading team tackler.

#29 WR Matt Salerno — He has a cult media following and is a hard-worker.

#29 CB Christian Gray — Man this room is suddenly deep, but Gray could be given moments to shine.

#31 DE NaNa Osafo-Mensah — Has gradually improved during his time at Notre Dame, and has a chance to be really good in 2023.

#34 LB Drayk Bowen — He’s probably too good to keep off of the field, but special teams could be where he shines brightest this season.

#38 FB Davis Sherwood — He’s currently listed as a tight end, but there was a time he was listed as a fullback so I’m rolling with that.

#40 DE Joshua Burnham — I’m curious to see how his development has proceeded as he moved from LB to DE for the long haul.

#41 DT Donovan Hinish — He’s a Hinish and I will never bet against a Hinish.

#42 LB Nolan Ziegler — Love the number for the position.

#44 DE Junior Tuihalamaka — I wish he was two inches taller, but the potential to wreck the edge is still there.

#47 DT Jason Onye — I have a prediction that Onye will become more of a Notre Dame household name than his recruiting ranking would have ever suggested.

#50 OL Rocco Spindler — He might be ready to rise to the expectations of his arrival in South Bend.

#51 DE Boubacar Traore — So I’m just going to put this out into the universe... Traore’s physical traits could push him to be the best pass rusher on the team by the end of the year.

#52 C Zeke Correll — It’s Correll’s time to shine, and should have all the pieces around him to max out his potential.

#54 T Blake Fisher — Part of the best tackle combination in the country.

#55 OL Chris Terek — Enjoy the redshirt season and learn from the best.

#56 OL Charles Jagusah — See above.

#59 OL Aamil Wagner — Good things are being said about this very big guy... so maybe he gets some quality playing time as the Irish continue to develop one of Ohio’s finest.

#64 OL Joe Otting — Another freshman big man to develop under a red shirt.

#65 LS Michael Vinson — Milk is up for the Mannelly Award, and we should throw a massive party if he wins it.

#68 OL Michael Carmody — At 291, Carmody finally looks like a guy that can log some minutes on the offensive line.

#70 OL Ashton Craig — The Hoosier native could be the center of the future in South Bend.

#72 OL Sam Pendleton — Another freshman big man to develop under a red shirt... which is luxurious.

#73 OL Andrew Kristofic — Even if Kristofic loses the battle for one of the starting guard positions, he will likely be one of the first off if the bench.

#74 OL Billy Schrauth — It’s all eyes on Scrauth as the rumors and the teammate compliments give way to big expectations.

#75 OL Sullivan Absher — Another freshman big man to develop under a red shirt... which is incredibly luxurious.

#76 OL Joe Alt — He’s probably the best left tackle in the country, and this could be his final year in South Bend.

#77 OL Ty Chan — There have been some good reports on Chan, but he’s another possiblity for depth building play throughout the season.

#78 OL Pat Coogan — I’ve heard fantastic things about Pat and his playing time possibilities, and he’s just massive.

#79 OL Tosh Baker — He’s probably taller than 6’8” and I wonder how he has learned to adjust to his own growth.

#83 WR Jayden Thomas — Notre Dame’s best bet as a surging #1 wideout.

#84 TE Kevin Bauman —His health has been, and will continue to be, the biggest concern.

#87 TE Cooper Flanagan — He’s a big and talented kid... but wearing Michael Mayer’s old number instantly makes you question some things in comparison.

#88 TE Mitchell Evans — He’s going from Mitch-a-palooza to playmaking tight end this season.

#91 DE Aiden Gobaira — I’m hopeful that his development on the EDGE takes a big step forward this season, but that doesn’t exactly mean eye-popping numbers.

#92 DL Aidan Keanaaina — The time is now for Aidan as there is a big need for big bodies in the middle of the Irish defense.

#93 DE Armel Mukam — Get him on the Ogundeji career path.

#95 DL Tyson Ford — He’s another player who’s time is now along the defensive line as a rotational player.

#97 DL Gabe Rubio — High on my wish list for players to take a massive step is Gabe Rubio because the Irish really need him to help win the point of attack.

#99 DL Rylie Mills — General Mills will finally go into a season with ONE position, and the 6’5” 305 pounder could be like a titan freshly released from the eternal prison — eager and hungry to kick ass.