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Five old Notre Dame Football photos for a Friday: Navy in Ireland

Back to the Emerald Isle

Navy V Notre Dame

Well... we might as well bring back our Friday photo feature since there’s a game on Saturday — THERE’S A NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL GAME ON SATURDAY!

Hell yes there is. The Fighting Irish head to Ireland to play the Navy Midshipmen for the third time in series history. Here are some choice shots of the previous two meetings.


One of the great and iconic moments of Notre Dame’s 2012 season was Stephon Tuitt outrunning the entire United States Navy on his way to a fumble return for touchdown.

Retrospective - American Football in Ireland Photo by Sportsfile/Corbis/Sportsfile via Getty Images


In 1996, Croke Park was just a little bit different than Aviva Stadium.

Navy V Notre Dame


just wanted to say that I had those exact Neuman gloves in 1996, and just found one of them in the basement the other day.

Navy V Notre Dame


It’s kind of funny to think that we still have a full-uniformed State Trooper with Notre Dame during the 2012 game in Ireland. Like... are they even packing heat?

Notre Dame v Navy Photo by Barry Cronin/Getty Images


Theo riddick was a fantastic touch to the Irish offense, but so were the irish flag shoes and gloves.

Notre Dame v Navy Photo by Barry Cronin/Getty Images