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Notre Dame Reacts: Your Confidence Heading into Football Season

Help us predict Sam Hartman’s favorite target.

Notre Dame Spring Football Game Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across the NCAA. Throughout the year we ask questions of the most plugged-in Notre Dame fans and fans across the country.
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SB Nation Reacts returns, and we’re once again asking a trio of questions. For the first installment of the year, we’ll lay down some markers:

  • What is your confidence level heading into the season? (We’ll track this week by week during the year.)
  • How does that translate into a record in the regular season?
  • And which pass catcher is primed to have a great season?

If you listened to the Earned Five Star Podcast, you know that I’m on record that Jaden Greathouse will lead all Notre Dame players in receiving yards. While it’s an ambitious take, I was also very high on now-sophomore Tobias Merriweather before the 2022 campaign kicked off. The survey includes Greathouse, Merriweather, Jayden Thomas, Chris Tyree and your chance to call a wild card. Do you think Mitchell Evans is going to follow in Michael Mayer’s footsteps? Are we disrespecting Deion Colzie to our detriment? This is your chance to weigh in!

We’ll keep the survey up for about 24 hours, so get those responses in as soon as possible to have your voice heard in the results, published later this week.