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Notre Dame Football: How will the Irish fare against its three toughest opponents?

Most of you think... not bad

California v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, we ran a survey about a number of different subjects concerning the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the upcoming college football season. Here are the results...


Without question the major focus on Notre Dame’s 2023 season revolves around the the trio of the Clemson Tigers, Ohio State Buckeyes, and USC Trojans. While the schedule has some tricky spots, the season will hinge on how the Irish fare in those games.

Over 80% of you believe the Irish will win at least two of the three — but is that good enough to make the college football playoff?


Despite the easy schedules for the Georgia Bulldogs and Michigan Wolverines, it still feels like this season is more up for grabs than some previous years. The Irish will make the playoff with a 12-0 record, but what about 11-1? Well... I suppose it’s how that one loss happened, and what else happens across the country.

Even though over 80% of you believe the Irish will win at least two of the big three games, only 57% believe Notre Dame will make the college football playoff.


If the Irish are going to play well enough to make the playoff (or come close) they will need phenomenal play and fantastic stats from its star players. The next question was pretty interesting because of the interpretation — the implication. The word, “rather” allowed you to figure out what might be best for Notre Dame.

Most of you selected Sam Hartman over Audric Estime, as a QB in the hunt likely means the Irish are winning most (or all) of their games. The Jeremiyah Loves votes... well you people know how to party.


The polls are out, and both the coaches and AP voters have Notre Dame at #13. So, the fact that only 15% of you believed the Irish should be a top five team to start the season makes a lot of sense.


There will be many more surveys to come. Thank-you for your participation!