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Earned 5-Star Podcast: The good and the maybe bad from Notre Dame’s fall camp

I gotta report right here...

Joshua, Jude, and Brendan opened up the pod machine as Notre Dame moves away from fall camp and transitions to game prep to start the season in Dublin, Ireland, against the Navy Midshipmen. In this episode:

  • Hello!
  • Re-watching television shows is absolutely psychotic and Joshua is here for it.
  • College football conference realignment is still running wild.
  • Brendan has a theory about the importance of the Colorado Buffaloes that Joshua agrees with, but simultaneously he has an opinion about Deion Sanders that sets Joshua on a rage run.
  • Jude is eating popcorn.
  • The coaches poll and Notre Dame’s #13 ranking.
  • Breaking down the Coaches poll top 10 and who won’t be there at season’s end.
  • Notre Dame’s 2024 schedule and impending doom.
  • Some fall camp storylines.
  • The most positive things we are taking away from fall camp.
  • Some of the not so positive things from fall camp.
  • A nickname to end nicknames.
  • Ohio State hate and some logic.
  • What game is more important for Notre Dame to win - USC or Ohio State?

And plenty more weaved in and out of the show.

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