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Earned 5-Star Podcast: Put some seasoning on Notre Dame Football’s fall camp

It all starts now

Joshua and Brendan make their way to the pod machine for a night of celebrating Notre Dame’s return to fall camp to prepare for the 2023 college football season. In this episode:

  • HELLO!
  • Raking through the Sparty series because of course.
  • ABP. Always Be Petty.
  • 90’s Korn references.
  • Family photos.
  • The accuracy of it all.
  • Brendan has a crush on Chris Tyree and if he’s right - it’s ALL RIGHT.
  • Say Deion Colzie’s name.
  • Joshua’s Jeremiyah Love bandwagon is large and welcomes all comers.
  • We are SO sold on Sam Hartman.
  • The cornerback situation and fist pumps to the possibility.
  • Standing up for Jack Kiser, JD Bertrand, and Marist Liufau.
  • How solid is the defensive line?
  • Jim Harbaugh and his 4 game suspension with the Michigan Wolverines.
  • NIL legislation and Notre Dame’s big win.
  • The case for the San Diego St. Aztecs to save college football.
  • The Colorado Buffaloes go back to the Big 12 and the PAC-12 is the John Travolta meme.
  • The guys square off on the ice (again) when it comes to the Big 10 VS the ACC.
  • Indiana Jones didn’t get scolded.
  • 2008 Toledo VS Michigan.

And plenty more weaved in and out of the show.

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