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Notre Dame Football: Haunting Your Dreams with AI-Generated Notre Dame Images

You’re welcome.

notre dame football uniform

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish look is classic and clean. Those bright, metallic helmets match the golden dome perfectly. Those blue jerseys and gold pants never go out of style. Well, I played around with Imagine AI Art Generator like a child putting swear words into a Speak & Spell to completely disrespect the Irish aesthetic. While there were some cool alternate uniform results, what the software did to some of the football program’s famous names will live in my nightmares forever. I had to look at these, and now, you have to, as well. Buckle up.

AI Alternates

As a uniform nerd, I had to see some Shamrock Series possibilities. The strange symbols and fake numbers freak me out, but notice the Swoosh on all of these. I’m interpreting this as a sign of things to come.

Even when I first searched for a gold Shamrock Series uniform, the software produced a green-heavy design.

Here’s a blacked-out look.

Had to get some AI-generated Madonna blue, too.

Here’s one of the results for just “Notre Dame Football.” These AI-generated words are just too creepy for me.

Not So Familiar Faces

I wanted to test out how the software would treat specific people. So, of course, I wanted to see how it would make Brian Kelly dance. This was the terrifying result.

Here’s the result for “Brian Kelly football coach anger.”

The software went out of its way for our Lord and savior, Reesus Christ. This is what it came up with for “Tommy Rees anger.”

This is “Lou Holtz anger.” I have no notes.

Sweet dreams, y’all!

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