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So it seems like Brian Kelly was tired of wearing ties at Notre Dame

And afraid of flying and afraid to recruit

Former Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly went on Sirius XM Radio and talked about the differences between his last job in South Bend and his current job as the head coach of the LSU Tigers.

Kelly continues to preach the narrative that it’s easier to recruit at LSU because there are less planes, and a lesser need to wear a tie (or shoes probably). Once again, however, he forgets to mention that he hates recruiting and basically just mailed it in as a recruiter during most of his time at Notre Dame.


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0:00 Mentioned earlier, you spent a lot of time at Notre Dame.

0:02 I’m curious now that you’ve had a year under your belt, how you would compare the jobs?

0:06 I mean, they’re both destinations.

0:08 They’re both places with massive fan bases.

0:10 They’re both places that people have won national championships.

0:13 I know for Notre Dame, it’s been a little while since 88 but it’s happened.

0:16 How would you compare the complexities and the differences and nuances of both jobs?

0:22 Well, I don’t think you have to wear a tie every day.

0:26 and the job, if you know what I mean, it’s a little bit more relaxed from that perspective.

0:31 and that’s not good or bad, but there’s a much more relaxed because you’re, you’re in the south.

0:36 You, you’re around people that are, very easy to get along with there and not that they were hard to get along with, but there are rules that you have to follow in an environment like Notre Dame and, and you can’t cross those lines.

0:50 And so there’s a little bit of a difference there.

0:51 I would say the biggest one other than that small narrative that I gave you is that I had to be on a plane and I had to pull the best player out of California, out of Texas out of New Jersey.

1:04 I don’t have to do that at LSU, the best player in the state of Louisiana.

1:08 If we do a really good job recruiting him, he wants to be a tiger.

1:13 And, and that’s a difference that I think more than anything else allows you to really focus on what’s important within your program.

1:22 And that is, you know, state of Louisiana and player development.