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Pictures, Articles, a Podcast and Videos from Notre Dame Men’s Lacrosse National Championship moment

A look back at Memorial Day Monday and remembering the day the Irish became champions

The Irish win it all
Photo Credit: Fred Assaf

Still reliving the Notre Dame versus Duke game from last week on Monday? Yeah, I am too and why not, right? What a day it was a week ago as the Notre Dame Men’s lacrosse team captured their first ever National Championship. Been reading a lot about it? Yeah, same here on my side. Here is our look at the game, here is what our good friends at 18Stripes had to say, here is the official write-up from the University of Notre Dame sports site, here is what Inside Lacrosse had to say across their recap, their interviews, their highlight of Liam Entenmann being named the tournament’s outstanding player, and here is what USA Lacrosse Magazine had to say both here and here.

Here is a good podcast recap as well with interviews with Ben Ramsey and Irish lacrosse alum Ryan Hoff:

Anyone else update their Twitter handle? This was too good not so share, love how Notre Dame Men’s Lacrosse’s twitter handle was changed. So sweet to see the new title below:

For those who missed it, here is an awesome new ending to Paul Carcaterra’s interview of Pat and Chris Kavanagh when he met with them back in April. They talked about what it would would mean to win the championship at Notre Dame, and well, you know the rest...

Lastly, wanted to share some of the awesome photos that Fred Assaf shared as he took photos on the sidelines for One Foot Down during the afternoon of the championship game. Here is a look back at Memorial Day and the time the Irish became Champions. Thanks Fred!

Enjoy, sure a lot of us will be looking at these all summer long.

All photos credit to Fred Assaf.

Final, final, a look at photos of champions.

Go Irish!!!