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Catching up on Notre Dame Men’s Lacrosse as the summer gets underway

Some news and notes as the Irish continue their Championship celebration

It’s already been an eventful summer for Notre Dame’s Lacrosse team
Photo Credit: Fred Assaf

The summer has gotten underway for the Notre Dame Men’s Lacrosse team and doesn’t it feel good to just say, “The 2023 NCAA Lacrosse National Champion” Fighting Irish? It feels awesome to me and I will continue to beat this drum as we head into fall ball and the upcoming 2024 season.

Definitely still coming off the high that is winning the national championship, been so much fun catching up with my friends, my family, players’ parents, etc., around the Irish and winning it all. Lots of emotions on a lot of levels for so many people and it’s just been really, really fun. Feel free to keep the party going...

Okay, let’s now get into some news on the Irish and what has been going on over the last couple of weeks:

European Trip

One of the neat aspects for Notre Dame lacrosse players is that every four years the team takes a trip to Europe to not only play some lacrosse, but also have the chance to get away, bond as a team and see some amazing sites. This year just happened to be the year the trip was taking place, and what a way for the team to go out as they finished the season on Memorial Day Monday, they did a clinic in Philly on Tuesday and then on Wednesday they boarded a flight to Germany. Coach Corrigan remarked in the championship postgame presser how great it was that this year the trip was getting underway having come off a victory, and a national championship one at that.

Here are some twitter highlights of the clinic and the trip:

Transfer Portal News

In some other news on the Notre Dame lacrosse team, as reported by Inside Lacrosse, the Irish have picked up four additions to the team for next year. Along with the incoming freshman who will be joining the team in the fall, these four players will be coming onto the Irish roster as a part of next year’s squad (no official word from Notre Dame has come out on this yet, but pretty sure this is happening or it would not be reported by Inside Lacrosse):

Brown attackman Devon McLane, Michigan midfielder Jake Bonomi, Virginia midfielder Danny Parker and Maryland defenseman BJ Burlace.

As this news came pretty quickly after the season ended, would imagine that the Notre Dame coaching staff vetted these players heavily and saw them as good fits for the team, not only from a playing perspective, but also from a locker room perspective. It cannot be said enough how good a job the Irish coaching staff did with bringing in Chris Fake, Brian Tevlin, Jack Simmons and Chris Conlin for this past season. Not only did these four play MASSIVE roles for the team this year, they were all amazing additions from a team / locker room standpoint. No egos, no bluster, just hard workers and great leaders. And we all know how Brian Tevlin became a captain as voted on by his teammates - enough said there. I have full faith that with the four the Irish are bringing in, we will see a lot of the same across next year’s team and how they will all fit in.

Around the transfer portal: over the last few years, this aspect has become a big deal in college lacrosse, and much like college football, players want to play and want to find spots on teams where they will be seeing the field. With lacrosse, and with log jams at certain positions (let’s be honest, breaking into the Irish attack next year is going to be tough), this is only going to continue to come to the forefront more and more at the end of each season. And it would not surprise me to see some players from this year’s Irish team put their name into the transfer portal to see if there might be some good opportunities for them to play elsewhere. While we would love to have everyone stay at ND, it is just not the reality we live in and we would wish those players the best if they decided to move on this summer. To note, best of luck to graduating senior, Max Schalit, who will be using his last year of eligibility to play at Jacksonville University (near his hometown) next year.

Article Archives

Lastly, from an article archive perspective, here is a link to the Lacrosse section of the One Foot Down website which has links to my articles from this past year. It has been fun over the last couple of weeks looking back at some of the things I had written throughout the year (and things that I had gotten both right and wrong). Here are some screen grabs from some of the pieces and then below as well are all the articles from the 2023 season and the linkouts to them.

I will keep everyone posted as more news comes this summer on our Irish lacrosse team. Until then, enjoy the time with your families!

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