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Notre Dame cancels Interhall football and tradition wipes away a tear


This wasn’t an announcement that I expected this summer, but Notre Dame has decided to end its decades long tradition of interhall tackle football.

As our friend @irishroundtable pointed out in the replies, student decline was from 370 students in 2017 to 269 in 2022... which still feels like enough — but what kind of kids are these non-participants?

This is one of those traditions that helped set Notre Dame apart from other schools around the country, so of course it has to go in whatever era this has become. While this doesn’t personally move the needle very far for me on the surface, it’s just another Notre Dame tradition that has been a part of my 44 years on earth that is no longer in existence. Add it to a list that includes painting of the helmets by students, names on the back of the uniforms, winning national championships — and now we’re talking about the movie Rudy as a historical documentary.