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Notre Dame Football: Freeman’s Freshest Fits of 2022

Call the Vatican. We have a new patron saint of style. 

Notre Dame Fighting Irish football head coach Marcus Freeman is a leader, a player’s coach and a style icon. While Irish fans may never receive closure for the unjust withholding of the products in Freeman’s elite stash of Under Armour gear from the public, as the end of the team’s contract with the company approaches, let’s rank the coach’s most fire outfits of the past year, both on and off the field.

5.) Glam in Green

That gorgeous green and that gold script “Irish” at the chest make for the perfect combination. This hoodie makes no attempt to include both gold and blue for the sake of using green with both school colors. Shut up and take my money. It has definite 1977 Notre Dame-USC game vibes and I’m here for it.

4.) Gray All Day

Muted. Minimalist. Marvelous. It’s probably for the best they don’t sell this one. I’d wear nothing else for the rest of my life. It is THE piece to steal from a boyfriend’s closet.

3.) Yes Jacket Required

Mixing green with the classic gold and blue is a complicated game of proportions. It doesn’t always add up to a clean look. However, this blazer and pin combo strikes the perfect balance between statement and subtlety. The faint blue windowpane pattern against a forest green demands attention without making too much fuss. The monogram lapel pin completes the look with just the right amount of gold.

2.) Dark Mode

Freeman had me convinced for a good while with this fit that a blacked-out look would characterize the 2022 Shamrock Series unis. The fan gear possibilities would have been endless. Think about it; wouldn’t black go with more in the typical wardrobe than navy blue? Such a bold departure from the school colors, but muted enough to earn some serious style points.

1.) GQ Fit

The top spot goes to this emerald awesomeness from a September GQ article. Freeman knows less is more, and is back at it again with the white Vans. It’s effortless, yet intentional and undeniably GQ. Brian Kelly could never.

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