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Photos from Notre Dame Men’s Lacrosse and their EPIC win over Virginia in OT

Some pictures from the field in Philadelphia

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Coach Kevin Corrigan celebrates the Irish win
Photo Credit: Fred Assaf

In Philadelphia covering the game for One Foot Down from the sidelines and taking photos was Fred Assaf (Sam Assaf’s Dad). And for those of you who have been following along all year, Fred (and his wife) have been very gracious and have been sending me pictures from the sidelines from the Notre Dame lacrosse games. They have been a big part of my articles this spring and Fred and I had the chance to connect and catch up before the game at the ND team tailgate. That was the best!

Here are some of the amazing photos that Fred took on the afternoon. All photo credits are Fred Assaf (the last photo is Fred and me celebrating at the ND tailgate after the win)!