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Notre Dame Football: Fans are going to see the Irish in the new EA Sports NCAA game

Things are developing

EA Sports is returning the popular NCAA Football game from the dead in 2024, and all FBS players will be eligible for some NIL action with the game.

This is great news for fans of the Fighting Irish. Comments by Notre Dame athletic director, Jack Swarbrick, concerning Notre Dame’s involvement without NIL stuff had fans a little worried about the future — but it looks like it’s all good now.

When EA Sports announced the return of its college football series in 2021, questions surrounding name, image and likeness were among the biggest it needed to answer.

At the time, Notre Dame was among a small number of schools that indicated through statements or news reports that it would not agree to participate until NIL compensation was worked out.

Much has happened since many of those declarations, including the passage of NIL legislation and college athletes making money off their name, image and likenesses.

Yay America.