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NFL Draft: Day 2 on the menu for Notre Dame Football

A Kentucky vibe

2023 NFL Draft - Round 1
Just a dude looking at a dude — dudes that are still there in the 2nd round.
Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The 1st round of the NFL Draft is in the books, and I have three main takeaways that are also the reasons I don’t swim in the deep end of pre-draft content all that much.

  • Mock drafts are made by morons that are no better than weathermen — and at least weathermen can be useful from time to time.
  • NFL teams are dumb and blow picks consistently every year — like a lot of them.
  • The recruiting ranking angle is overused, and watching the gymnastics involved to justify it all is offensive to college football fans.

Anyways... there was some comfort in knowing that Michael Mayer wasn’t the Kentuckian that fell the most in the NFL Draft as we watched Will Levis work his feelings out in a variety of ways that make Brady Quinn’s 2007 draft wait a nothingburger.

The closest a Notre Dame tight end got any love during the first round was when my beloved Green Bay Packers decided to continue to believe in the voodoo curse of Javon Walker, and picked Lukas Van Ness from the Iowa Hawkeyes — who’s dating the sister of former Irish tight end, Cole Kmet. That rivalry with the Chicago Bears just took a Laura Quinn/Hawk turn.

So if you’re keeping track...

Related but unrelated... those were two first-rounders that Notre Dame ran TF over in November?

So here comes round 2 and the two Kentuckians are sitting there as the two best available players on the board.

Besides Mayer, the only realistic Irish player in play Friday night for rounds 2 and 3 is defensive end, Isaiah Foskey. It’s funny how the career leader in sacks at Notre Dame just had six edge players selected before him and is still the 5th best DE available (according to Mel Kiper) after 32 picks.

So... have fun watching the next two rounds.

Feel free to use this post as the open thread for the Draft — if you really feel like you need to say something.