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Video: Jaylen Sneed’s Interview after Notre Dame’s Blue-Gold Game

The talented freshman met with the media following Saturday’s game

Jaylen Sneed meets the media
Photo Credit: Drew Brennan

Notre Dame freshman Jaylen Sneed met with the media after the Blue-Gold game to discuss his performance and look at how much he has grown over this past year. It is an exciting time for Sneed as a lot feel he is on the cusp of taking on a really big role for the Irish. This summer and upcoming fall camp will be huge for him and he clearly has something unique that he brings to the table for the Irish. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next season as he continues to improve. One Foot Down was in the room and here below is a summary of his comments and a video of his interview:

0:00 - 1:30 = His first three semesters and how he has progressed here at Notre Dame

1:31 - 2:20 = What does today’s performance do to help his confidence / was there a motivation with the separating of the blue-gold teams?

2:21 - 2:59 = The play he made on Chris Tyree early in the game