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Notre Dame Football: This year’s The Shirt isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen

It’s not great either

Besides Notre Dame Football’s annual Blue-Gold game, the other event that has Irish fans eagerly anticipating is the release of whatever version of “The Shirt” that the committee comes up with after at least a couple of meetings.

Most years, The Shirt is an abomination of fashion and a champion of corn. If anyone wants to debate that with me — please feel free to look dumb. The thing is though... it’s not designed or engineered or intended to look good enough to wear around on a weekly basis. It’s designed to be a NASCAR pit crew shirt — a tool to use in the heat of battle. And THAT goal normally is accomplished year in and year out.

The 2023 version is no less a tool, but the design is very scaled back compared to most years, and yes... it’s green.

Kelly green is the only color the shirt should be, and seeing as how it was green just a couple of years ago (I think) there was some concern that Madonna Blue might show back up, or some version of gold that won’t be gold.

Because of my unbeatable fashion sense, I already knew the shirt wouldn’t be great. How could it? Designs on both arms, big graphic in the back and a mid graphic in the front — again — it’s a NASCAR shirt.

But that doesn’t matter. The only thing that mattered is that the color was green. Notre Dame’s game against the Ohio State Buckeyes in South Bend this season may be the most important game for the program since the 2005 loss to the USC Trojans, and since it’s a green out, it’s kind of important to make sure that the green out is fully full on.

Anyways... I wouldn’t be caught dead in something this gaudy and horrendous, but I’m not changing a tire at the Daytona 500 either. It could have been worse, so I tip my hat to the committee for a camel that won’t cause the end of the world.