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Notre Dame Football: Draft results and full rosters for Blue-Gold game

They did the thing

On Thursday, Notre Dame held a player draft for the annual Blue-Gold spring football game. The two “head coaches” are Al Washington for the Gold Team and Deland McCullough for the Blue Team. Washington won the toss and with the first pick in the draft, they selected the running back group and then chose Gi’Bran Payne.

The following players are OUT for Saturday’s game due to injury:

TE Kevin Bauman
OL Ty Chan
RB Logan Diggs
TE Mitchell Evans
TE Justin Fisher
DB Christian Gray
DB Thomas Harper
DB Cam Hart
DL Devan Houstan
RB Chase Ketterer
LB Jack Kiser
LB Prince Kollie
DB Ben Minich
WR Jack Polian
TE Eli Raridan
DB Adon Shuler
TE Charlie Selna
RB Jadarian Price
RB Chris Velotta

Seniors were assigned to one team or another before the draft. Some players will wear green jerseys and will be available for use by both teams. There will be no kickoffs, but punts are live. All scoring will be normal.

Here is the full roster:

As far as the broadcast goes for the game on Peacock, there will be plenty of Kyle representation to go around.

Let the games begin...