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Earned 5-Star Podcast: Notre Dame Football Villains Part 5 — The Pierogi Pop Legacy

Bad calls, bad timing, and bad people

Joshua, Jude, and Brendan kick open the Pandora’s box of podcast machines to talk about what we know when it comes to Notre Dame football - which certainly doesn’t have much to do with spring ball due to the lack of info. Cool. In this episode:

  • Hello!
  • Easter Candy VS other candy.
  • Pierogi Pop.
  • An amendment was made.
  • Still not speaking Spanish.
  • We continue our villain series with a special focus on the 2023 football season. While we don’t want to spoil our picks by listing them off in the show notes - there are several big surprises. Also... I have to let you know that there might be a massive Big 10 VS ACC showdown inside (and that’s for SEO purposes).
  • Rank Everything takes a look around the group of five (and still finds enough glorious pettiness to fill an Easter basket).

And plenty more weaved in and out of the show (like... a lot).

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