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Notre Dame Football: Where Will the Irish Players Get Drafted in the 2023 NFL Draft (Part 2)

Updated Draft Predictions based on Combine/Pro Day

Syndication: South Bend Tribune Michael Caterina / USA TODAY NETWORK

2023 NFL Draft

Back in January, I provided a high level overview on where I think Notre Dame players were going to be drafted. Since then, players have either participated in their pro days and or the NFL Combine. Putting numbers to papers makes a world of a difference and makes guys shift around. I will include the updated best guess on where ND guys will land! To recap, the draft eligible players are:

Michael Mayer - TE

Isaiah Foskey - DL

Jarrett Patterson - OL

Brandon Joseph - DB

Jayson Ademilola - DL

Justin Ademilola - DL

Chris Smith - DL

Bo Bauer - LB/Special Teams

Josh Lugg - OL

Tariq Bracy - DB

Avery Davis - WR


Michael Mayer

January Prediction: First Round

Updates: Mayer had a very solid combine, but didn’t blow people away. Some analysts have bumped Utah’s Dalton Kinkaid ahead of Mayer, which personally, is laughable. Mayer is a high ceiling, low floor first round lock in my opinion. I think he slides a BIT, but will still land in the first round.

April Prediction: Late First Round

Isaiah Foskey

January Prediction: Second Round

Updates: Foskey had a very good NFL combine, especially running the 40. He looked smooth and very strong. However, he didn’t put up “Freaky” numbers, which could have vaulted him into the first round. He seems to now be a lock for a 2nd or third round pick.

April Prediction: Second Round

Jarrett Patterson

January Prediction: Round 4

Updates: Patterson had a very solid combine, but didn’t do much to impact his draft stock either way. His versatility to play guard and center almost guarantees him a roster spot in 2023. It is tough to predict where he will land, as a team could fall in love with his football IQ and overall toughness. If he was being drafted as a guard, I could see him rising a bit, but teams will look at him for Center.

April Prediction: Round 5

Jayson Ademilola

January Prediction: Round 5

Updates: Not being invited to the combine was a big blow for Jayson. He performed well at the Pro day, but the visibility of the combine would have been huge. I think he slips a bit as a result.

April Prediction: Round 6

Brandon Joseph

January Prediction: Round 4

Updates: Joseph did not have a very good showing at the combine. He performed well during the field portions, but his times/explosiveness was lacking. I still think he gets picked up, but will fall into day 3

April Prediction: Round 6

Josh Lugg

January Prediction: Round 6

Updates: Lugg measured well and tested fine during the pro day. However, nothing jumped out to vault him higher.

April Prediction: Priority UDFA

Tariq Bracy

January Prediction: Round 7

Updates: Not being invited to the combine was a huge bummer for Bracy. I think getting in front of teams would have been a big benefit. Without the combine and a solid, but not dynamic pro day, I think he missed a chance to rise. He did post a 38.5 in vert, which definitely highlights his twitch/athleticism. I still think a team takes a late flyer on his as Nickels are a much needed commodity.

April Prediction: Round 7

Bo Bauer

January Prediction: UDFA

Updates: Bauer crushed the bench and measured well during the pro day. If he was not injured, I think he absolutely gets drafted late. He also highlighted his ability to long snap, which will go a very long way in making a team.

April Prediction: UDFA

Chris Smith

January Prediction: UDFA

Updates: Smith murdered the bench with 37 reps, which would have made him a top performer at the combine. He is stout and VERY strong, which I think should give him a chance in camp.

April Prediction: UDFA

Avery Davis

January Prediction: N/A

Updates: I didn’t include Davis and I am not really sure why. He is coming off of his second ACL injury, but was able to run around and run the 40. He landed in the mid 4.5s, which is solid given his injury status. I think he has legit 4.4 speed and hopefully can be fully healthy to get picked up

April Prediction: UDFA

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