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Notre Dame Football: Jersey numbers for early enrollee freshmen and transfers

There are a couple of interesting picks here

2019 University of Notre Dame Spring Football Getty Images

Spring football is coming soon for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and there is a large infusion of new blood to the roster. Sixteen new additions to the football team will be taking the field, and of course they have a jersey number. Publishing the new jersey numbers is something that I normally have to dig for — so either I got a little lazy this winter, or Notre Dame got quicker.

#1 — Javontae Jean-Baptiste DL
#8 — Kenny Minchey QB
#10 — Sam Hartman QB
#13 — Thomas Harper DB
#14 — Braylon James WR
#17 — Rico Flores WR
#19 — Jaden Greathouse WR
#21 — Adon Shuler DB
#22 — Ben Minich DB
#23 — Jaiden Ausberry LB
#25 — Preston Zinter LB
#29 — Christian Gray CB
#34 — Drayk Bowen LB
#72 — Sam Pendleton OL
#80 — Kaleb Smith The Elder WR
#98 — Devan Houstan DL

A couple of notes...

Notre Dame is bringing back the #1 jersey number without some sort of cheesy line.

Adon Shuler now has Jaden Mickey’s #21, Ben Minich now has Justin Walters’s #22, Preston Zinter now has Philip Riley’s #25, and Devan Houstan now has Tyson Ford’s #98. While there will certainly be some player that transfer out due to scholarship numbers and the “85” it’s probably best not to assume that’s the case with these particular players. They could be trading in for a different number as well — or yeah — they could be on their way out.