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Notre Dame Baseball: 2023 UAB Series Data Summary

Some key data points coming out of Notre Dame’s 2nd series win over University of Alabama Birmingham.

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Notre Dame’s 2023 baseball squad captured their second consecutive series victory.

The Irish won both the first and second games, tallying up 7 runs per game. The University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) Blazers put up 2 runs in the first game and 3 runs in the second game. UAB overcame ND in the third game, beating out the Irish by a 5-2 run margin.

It wasn’t a full sweep but a lot of the data on the team is starting to smooth out and hopefully we’re watching the Irish catch their stride going into their upcoming, first ACC series against Georgia Tech.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s dig a bit deeper into the UAB series data.

Offensive Summary

The Irish’s offensive production took on a much more consistent character, compared with their earlier performances this season. The first game was characterized by a very prolific 1st through 3rd innings. During game 2, Notre Dame did most of its eating in the 6th inning, tallying up 6 of their 7 total runs in the game. In Game 3, the Blazers dealt the Irish a 5-2 defeat, with much of their offensive production coming in spurts throughout the middle of the game.

Irish Batting Summary

Notre Dame won the overall series and also laid claim to the raw offensive edge. The Irish accounted for 62% (16) of the series’ total runs scored. Notre Dame also had the advantage in terms of total hits, 53% (21) and RBIs, 64% (16).

Irish Pitching Summary

In terms of pitching at the 30,000-foot level, the Irish had the edge. Notre Dame accounted for only 33% (5) of the series’ overall walks and they also tallied up 52% (25) of all strikeouts.

Pitching Details – Game 1

The Irish’s pitching details for Game 1 were characterized by a relatively strong start with some pretty minor breakdowns through the stretch that resulted in 2 runs.

Pitching Details – Game 2

The Irish’s pitching details for Game 2 were characterized by a relatively strong start and finish but a tough 5th inning that produced 3 runs.

Pitching Details – Game 3

Game 3 of the series was the weakest pitching outing for Notre Dame. UAB had 2 run innings in the 3rd and the 5th before things got tightened up through the stretch.

Game Level Details

At Bats by Game

Runs by Game

Hits by Game

RBIs by Game

Game Level – RBIs

The Irish are now poised to start up ACC conference play. They’ll meet up with Georgia Tech beginning on March 10. At the time this article was wrapped, are 10-2 on the season. Should be a decent test for Notre Dame but until then, Cheers and Go Irish!!