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Mark Packer goes full Kanye when Notre Dame’s Niele Ivey was announced ACC Coach of the year

For real

Brendan McAlinden

Notre Dame Women’s Basketball head coach Niel Ivey was selected as the 2022=2023 ACC Coach of the Year this week thanks to an incredible regular season record and the regular season championship for the Irish.

This, of course, wasn’t good enough for ACC Network’s Mark Packer. He went on a rant as it was announced about how Ivey was less deserving than the Duke Blue Devil’s head coach, Kara Lawson. It wasn’t that he just disagreed with the results — he got all angry tweeter about it — better yet — he got all Kanye West about it.

It’s ridiculous.

EXACTLY TYLER! The ACC coaches voted on this... so what the hell are you doing Mark?

Obviously he had a trash can full of show notes that he desperately needed to get out there.

Look... Niele was more than deserving of this great honor, and Mark Packer’s opinion shouldn’t matter. Congrats to Coach Ivey — Taylor Swift seemed to do okay after her incident too.