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OFD Podcast: Tommy Rees and his Notre Dame betrayal

It’s actually much more complicated than that

Joshua, Jude, and Brendan were all set to have some drunken fun with a “Notre Dame Football Honey-Do List” pod, and then the Alabama Crimson Tide came calling for Tommy Rees to have something for his own - FOR HIS OWN MIKE! And so... in this episode:

You don’t need a long list of bullet-point topics for this particular show. The fellas go through the fast pace of how we got here with Rees bolting to Bama, and we all feel that the perception and reaction to the news is a little more complicated that “good riddance” or “TRAITOR” even as both are true and false. This wasn’t a random coach that got here a couple of years ago, so the debate about how and why requires a nuance that wasn’t required for someone like Chip Long.

Several lists of possible replacements have surfaced, and the guys tell you why like 98% of the names thrown around are crap. The next hire is absolutely a make-or-break situation for Marcus Freeman, and it is definitely something that a couple of big sacks of cash can help improve the situation.

And as always... many other things are discussed throughout the episode.

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