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A Podcast look at the Irish Lacrosse Team

My Exit 77 podcast gives an overview on what we have seen from the Irish so far this year

The 2023 Irish lacrosse team is really good
Photo Credit: Fred Assaf

For those of you that know me, you know I have a podcast called Exit 77 - A Notre Dame football podcast. Typically I cover my passion for the Fighting Irish football team on the show, but now that we are in the lacrosse season, I just published an episode looking at the Irish and what we have seen from our lacrosse team so far this year. Quick take away: this is one of the better all around teams in college lacrosse that can challenge for Memorial Day weekend. It’s an exciting time to be a Notre Dame lacrosse fan. Take a listen, here it is, episode 49 and my look at the Irish lacrosse team (and sorry, just on spotify and not on apple podcasts for some reason).