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Notre Dame Hockey: Irish Fall to Wolverines 2-1 in South Bend

Hunter Strand’s goal was his first of the season.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish took on the Michigan Wolverines Saturday at home in a fiery rivalry matchup. While each team sent an aggressive, reactive offense to the ice and logged four penalties over the course of the night, the Wolverines played the more collective game and brought home the 2-1 W. This followed Notre Dame’s 6-1 victory against the Wolverines Friday in which the Irish took control in the second period to notch head coach Jeff Jackson’s 400th win at the Irish helm.

Game Summary (Michigan, 2 Notre Dame, 1)

First Period

Still fired up from Friday’s matchup, the Wolverines hit the ice with an evident chip on their shoulder. The angst was contagious; after a shot from Notre Dame’s Grant Silianoff, an on-ice tiff sent Notre Dame’s Trevor Janicke and Michigan’s Josh Eernisse to the penalty box for roughing before two minutes had passed in the period. The two teams, playing four-on-four hockey, surged to gain leverage and kept running with a sense of urgency over a few minutes of back and forth once back to even strength. Missed scoring opportunities for the Irish came in consecutive shots in front of the goal from Drew Bavaro and Hunter Strand.

Frank Nazar III put Michigan on the board about six minutes in. With each offense in rapid-fire mode, Danny Nelson powered toward the Wolverines’ goal, caused some chaos behind the net and headed to the box for goaltender interference to give the Wolverines their first power play of the night.

With less than two minutes left in the period, Strand scored to tie it up for the Irish. Officials reviewed this following an offensive zone hit, but the goal stood. By the end of the first, the Irish and Wolverines matched each other with 12 shots.

Second Period

The pace eased in the second 20 minutes, and after nearly a period of back and forth, Michigan’s Dylan Duke scored to snap the tie with nearly four minutes left to play in the period. The shift in the game upped the intensity in the air, and a dramatic hit on Michigan’s Marshall Warren sent Justin Janicke to the box for cross-checking right at the two-minute mark. The 2-1 score remained as the clock ran out on the second. This time around, the Wolverines outshot the Irish 12-9.

Third Period

The back and forth continued, and a tripping penalty on Notre Dame’s Danny Nelson provided the Wolverines’ sole power play of the period as the third neared its halfway point.

A penalty on Duke for roughing after the whistle provided a late opportunity for Notre Dame to tie things back up, but the Irish failed to capitalize and the Wolverines locked in the win for the series closer, 2-1.


Michigan: Frank Nazar III at 13:56 in the 1st with an assist from Seamus Casey

Notre Dame: Hunter Strand at 01:20 in the 1st with an assist from Justin Janicke

Michigan: Dylan Duke at 03:50 in the 2nd with assists from Gavin Brindley and T.J. Hughes


Notre Dame: Trevor Janicke for roughing at 18:49 in the 1st

Michigan: Josh Eernisse for roughing at 18:41 in the 1st

Michigan: Kienan Draper for tripping at 10:47 in the 1st

Notre Dame: Danny Nelson for goaltender interference at 06:38 in the 1st

Notre Dame: Justin Janicke for cross-checking at 02:00 in the 2nd

Michigan: Jacob Truscott for cross-checking at 14:54 in the 3rd

Notre Dame: Danny Nelson for tripping at 11:26 in the 3rd

Michigan: Dylan Duke for roughing after the whistle at 01:34 in the 3rd


Notre Dame: Ryan Bischel, 33 saves

Michigan: Jake Barczewski, 28 saves

Moving Forward

The Irish will take on the Michigan State Spartans on Friday, December 8 at 7 p.m. in East Lansing, Michigan.

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