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Notre Dame Football: Gerad Parker is OUT as the Irish offensive coordinator

One and done for Parker

Central Michigan v Notre Dame Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Gerad Parker is leaving Notre Dame after one year as the Irish offensive coordinator to take over as the new head coach of the Troy Trojans in the Sunbelt Conference.

This was all a weird situation, but the way it played out was almost exactly how I was told it would from a source about a month ago. I really couldn’t relay that message back then with no other source to collaborate with — but none of this is surprising (other than maybe how high quality of a program Parker ended up at).

There were obvious problems with Notre Dame’s offense this year, but I will say that not ALL of those obvious problems fell on the playcalling or the game plans. Having said that... Notre Dame’s issues were exacerbated by a first time offensive coordinator that appeared to be in over his head at times.

Through it all, the Irish finished the regular season with a 39.1 points per game average which ranks second all-time at Notre Dame.

There are several names being tossed around to replace Parker, but I believe this search will take a good amount of time — as it should.

More to come on OFD.