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Notre Dame VS Clemson: Overreactions

That was just not fun

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Clemson Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, sure.

So the Notre Dame Fighting Irish took on the Clemson Tigers on Saturday, and for so many reasons it did not go well. It was truly a strange game where we all thought it was over, but technically the Irish had about 5 opportunities to tie/take the lead. They squandered all of them, as we all know. That game was so weird, and a true head scratcher. It was not a good football game by any stretch of the imagination. As we see with losses, overreactions are a part of those losses, especially considering the Irish played a 4-4 (now 5-4) team that had been not playing to its potential this season.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Clemson Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports

ND vs. Clemson: Overreactions to the Game

You all know I’m more than a little stitous. I didn’t know how I felt about the white pants out of nowhere, and now I’m not a fan at all. Would gold pants have changed how the offense was overall anemic? No, of course not. But, we all look to blame weird stuff when weird stuff occurs to our team.

You always have to appreciate the man and athlete that Sam Hartman is. He really is a great ambassador for the University, and he has definitely understood Notre Dame in his short time here. While he definitely didn’t play all that well, there are so many factors to why the loss occurred. Poor play calling was in addition to the whole offense struggling during the plays. You really can say this was a true team loss.

Of course this son of Notre Dame is having some fun with this not-so-serious sentiment, but I kinda get it. Honestly this is why we love sports, the rising from the ashes aspect of it after having some down time. You think it will be all worth it when those euphoric moments happen (even though we haven’t really had any of those in a while). Sports are fun, right??