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Women’s Basketball: Notre Dame Opens Season Against South Carolina in Paris

Overseas and a huge game, too

Syndication: South Bend Tribune MATT CASHORE / USA TODAY NETWORK

Oui, Oui

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish Women’s Basketball Team are taking their talents all the way over to Paris, France to play their season opener today. The team will face the South Carolina Gamecocks in a historic matchup. This game is the first US collegiate basketball game played in France. It adds even bigger weight because there are two powerhouses in the sport of women’s college basketball. With the Irish ranked at 10, and the Gamecocks at 6, the people of Paris will witness a Top-10 showdown.

Notes Heading Into This Game

  1. Olivia Miles is still injured, and is going to take her time healing from her season-ending knee injury at the end of the 2022-23 regular season. So, you will not see her on the court playing for the Irish in Paris.
  2. If you want some great season predictions to read before the game begins today, see the wonderful breakdown and thoughts from our very own Hayden Adams.
  3. And since we all truly need awesome perspective from Hayden Adams more in our lives, read up on his breakdowns of Hannah Hidalgo and Emma Risch, two 5-star McDonalds’s All Americans that have been added to the roster for this season. With that comes a lot of promise from the two of them.

Game Thread and How To Watch

You can watch the season opener of Niele Ivey’s fourth season at the helm on Monday, November 6 at 1 PM ET. The game will be on ESPN. Take a late or early lunch depending on where you are watching from and enjoy this truly one-of-a-kind experience. If you want to put your thoughts on the game in the game thread comments below, we would love that. Go Irish.