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Notre Dame Football: All of the Irish rivalry trophies are back home

Marcus Freeman drinks from the keg of glory — BRING HIM ALL THE MUFFINS AND BAGELS IN THE LAND!

Notre Dame football legends trophy
Marcus Freeman does a victory chug from the Legends Trophy after Notre Dame’s 56-23 over Stanford.
X — @NDFootball

All of the Notre Dame Football rivalry trophies are back in South Bend after a 56-23 Fighting Irish win over the Stanford Cardinal on Saturday night. While this may be no big deal to some of you out there, it’s a whole lot of fun to me and many others out there — so relax.

The Irish were missing just one trophy from the case, and that was the Legends Trophy with the Stanford Cardinal. Notre Dame had to hand the trophy over last year in one of the more embarrassing upsets inside Notre Dame Stadium in quite some time. Audric Estime’s brilliant record-breaking night made sure the Irish weren’t leaving California empty-handed, and the Voltron trophy case has the final piece.

Plus... we get Marcus Freeman (and Joe Alt) chugging from the Legends Trophy because fun things are still fun things — even if it was a tradition started by former Irish head coach Brian Kelly (now with the LSU Tigers).

All of the trophies are back home, and they are:

One trophy that is technically NOT home physically, but home in spirit, is the Lost Shillelagh Trophy between the Irish and the Northwestern Wildcats. After being lost for decades, our very own Jude Seymour tracked it down right before Notre Dame’s 2018 game against Northwestern. Neither Northwestern or Notre Dame agreed to take back possession from the current owner in Omaha — so there it sits. Notre Dame won that game in Chicago, and therefore has the spiritual rights to the long stick.

The Rip Miller Trophy with the Navy Midshipmen is basically just a paperweight for joint functions between the two programs.

Hooray for us!