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Notre Dame Football: Weather report for Irish VS Stanford


California v Stanford Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish will try to finish the regular season on a high note with its ninth win of the season as they travel to California to take on the Stanford Cardinal.

I hate that Notre Dame ends up in California every year for the last game of the season, but then again, I hate that Notre Dame feels like they have to play Stanford every year as well. Knute Rockne didn’t barnstorm the entire country for years, as he pushed to get Notre Dame Stadium built, just to continually play in sterile neutral stadiums and a regular season finale 2000 miles away on the odd years.

The weather is what they like most, but this is a midwest football team and I hope everyone goes to confession to beg for forgiveness of the betrayal of our region. Just saying.

As far as the weather for Saturday is concerned, it’s going to be in the mid-sixties with sunshine and then dip into the fifties toward the end of the game. While the weather will be fair, I can also guarantee that the field inside Stanford Stadium will be absolute gutter trash — as it always is.