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Notre Dame VS Louisville: Overreactions

Oh boy there was a lot to be mad about

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports


Yikes. It was a TOUGH scene on Saturday night when the Notre Dame Fighting Irish decided not to get off the bus before playing the Louisville Cardinals. The last time I saw that truly happen was the last time the Irish lost a regular season ACC game, against Miami 31 ACC games ago in 2017. I was not a happy camper, and I saw/participated in many overreactions.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

ND vs. Louisville Overreactions from Saturday

This is what happens when you get boat raced in a game where you thought you would win. You start to question everything. I will give this some credit because after the OSU game was actually over, one of my first thoughts was wondering if we will ever actually win another championship. The frustration for that can be there, but the football program has had WILD success in the past 30+ years in many different facets of the game for student athletes. There is care for football, as it makes everything else happen and tick.

Normally I avoid the message boards because that is where hot takes are actually believed. I try to find takes from people who are just upset in the moment but generally are great follows on Twitter and can speak rationally. This had to be brought up, though. Yeah, just ignore Father Nate providing and documenting medals to share, Freeman becoming Catholic (and bringing back Gameday Mass at the Basilica), and the overall experience the team has. This was just a comical look at what this dude believes is “faith” like it has to be summer camp for second graders to be outward signs. Absolutely hilarious take.

This is not a take, but our very own reporting, obviously. Still as of now, the Irish are favored over USC. I will never be able to figure out Vegas, but I feel like there is some form of overreaction here. Overreaction to USC needing Triple OT to beat Arizona on Saturday night? It would have to be an under-reaction to our loss on Saturday, too. This is just super strange to me, even if it would be close to a pick-em game based on the ranked rivalry matchup.