The Sam Hartman Revenge tour


The spotlight has been on Sam Hartman since he committed to Notre Dame back in January and became the first big name QB that Notre Dame has been able to grab out of the Transfer portal. Sam Hartman is playing in his sixth year of college football and is currently ranked in the Top 10 all time in passing yards and passing touchdowns in the NCAA. His resume speaks for itself, and he has been a tremendous leader to this young Notre Dame team on and off the field. The goal for Sam Hartman and this team is to win a National Title, but that might not be the only goal for QB #10. Sam Hartman has played 5 years of ACC football and during that period he has built up quite a history with ACC opponents. In 2023, Sam Hartman will get the chance to face-off with 7 ACC opponents including his former team—Wake Forest

Even with the gut-wrenching loss to Ohio State, the Irish still have the chance to go undefeated against the ACC and become ACC Champs*. Although Sam Hartman will go down as one the greatest QBs in ACC history, he hasn’t had great luck against 5 of the ACC teams that Notre Dame will play this year. The only winning record he had going into this year was Boston College. So let’s dive into the 5 teams that he can get his revenge on this year.


Revenge Tour Stop 1: North Carolina State: Sam Hartman was (1-2) going into this matchup but still managed to throttle the Wolfpack in a 45-24 win. Sam threw for 4 touchdowns and 286 yards.

Revenge Tour Stop 2: Duke: Sam Hartman was (1-1) against the Blue Devils and was able to put the team on his back and lead the Irish on a 98-yard game winning drive. Sam’s 4th quarter heroics will be told to generations and generations of Notre Dame fans.

Revenge Tour Stop 3: Louisville: Sam Hartman is (2-3) against the Cards and had a horrific showing last year where he threw 3 INTS and lost a couple fumbles on top of it. Hartman should have extra motivation this weekend to get right with Louisville and end his career in Kentucky with a W.

Revenge Tour Stop 4: Pitt: Hartman is (0-1) against the Panthers and suffered this loss back in 2021. He had one of his worse games in his career and threw 4 INTS and went 21-46 on passing for the day. He will want to get his revenge on Pitt on October 28th and Notre Dame should absolutely let him unleash in this game against a struggling Pitt team.

Revenge Tour Stop 5: Clemson: Hartman is (0-4) against the Tigers and you can’t really blame him this record. Wake Forest had some pretty good teams over the past five years but never could compete with the level of talent that Clemson brings to the table. In 2022 Hartman threw for SIX TOUCHDOWNS against Clemson and it still wasn’t enough. I think Hartman is going to be more motivated for this game than any other game on the Schedule.

There are plenty of storylines to be written on this 2023 Notre Dame Football team, but this is one that might be overlooked. Just be aware of the narratives that will be written about how Hartman has struggled against most of the ACC opponents he will face this year. Hartman has already proved twice that he can get his revenge against the ACC, here’s to 5 more!

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