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Notre Dame VS Pittsburgh: Overreactions

There are some to find even in a blowout

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

There were some things to cause overreaction, but not much

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish absolutely DEMOLISHED the Pittsburgh Panthers on Saturday afternoon, leaving Narduzzi and his weird vendetta against us in the absolute dust of Chris Tyree and whatever was left of Phil Jurkovec as a quarterback. Luckily, overreactions in a 50+ point win are hard to come by, but I think we can highlight a few today.

ND vs. Pitt: Overreactions

You all should know by now that I at least can call myself out. Here’s the thing, usually when we do play Pitt, the game is so damn weird and way too close for comfort. This is in reference to God moving the goalposts in a 3OT win in 2012 or the game in 2018 when the Irish never took the lead until the final six minutes in a game that shouldn’t have been a nailbiter, but it was. Boy I was glad to have this be an overreaction.

This is what caused the overreaction of the weekend, by far. This Pitt reporter did not provide context to a Narduzzi quote, allowing current Pitt players to quote tweet the initial quote. The context is good, because without that context it helped us all continue to paint the picture of what many of us think Narduzzi is as a coach. That was a mess that I was glad was not a part of the Notre Dame postgame media room.

Again, no one was really pissed off on Saturday, so this is going to be reaching. I do like the discourse, though. After Freeman said this past week that the next bye week will be the chance for the staff to talk about going into the portal for 2024 starting QB, Steve Angeli brought that into question. Angeli did lead a very nice drive, accounting for the only passing TD of the day for the Irish. It was in garbage time against Pitt’s terrible defense, but the rollout and pass were very clean. He showed some textbook technique that maybe with Angeli, Minchey, and CJ Carr in next year’s lineup, the QB room is set. It’s definitely interesting to think about.