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Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS Louisville Cardinals: Weather Report

Finally football weather

Georgia Tech v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The 5-1 Notre Dame Fighting Irish travel south this week to take on the 5-0 Louisville Cardinals. The Irish will be looking to extend its 30 game winning streak against the ACC, but also (more importantly) to just keep winning to position itself for a college football playoff berth.

Traveling south generally means warmer weather is on the way — but not this week. In South Bend the temps at the beginning of the week was in the mid-80’s for that Midwestern October summer feel. When the Irish play Louisville on Saturday, the air will be much, much different.

We are looking at a high of 63 throughout the day and dropping into the 40s into the night. In short... we finally have some football weather.

If you’re traveling for the game and looking to tailgate all day, there will be a fair amount of sun and mild temps for any and all eating and drinking hours for the pregame.