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Notre Dame VS Duke: Overreactions

That was...quite something

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Duke Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports


College football is a weird but beautiful thing. I still really don’t know what the hell happened on Saturday night when the Notre Dame Fighting Irish rose like the phoenix from true ashes and death to steal a road ranked victory over the Duke Blue Devils. However, because it was a victory, I still feel VASTLY better on Sunday and Monday than I did last weekend. My emotions went all over the damn place on Saturday night. So, for this week’s overreactions, it’s going to be an exclusive look into my own thoughts. You should be in for a treat here.

ND vs Duke - Overreactions

Yes, this is not my tweet, but I’m only showing you all because I had a very similar sentiment that I did not put out into the interwebs. This is the tweet of a great friend of mine, though. I was going into the game on Saturday thinking the Irish would bounce back, play pissed off, and win by double digits. LOL boy was I wrong - the team found a way to win but it was not convincing #analysis.

We had to hear most of the week about how Mike Elko was going to throw a lot of different packages at Hartman and the offense when he was trying to throw. Early on in the game, Hartman was getting great, open passes off especially to Mitchell Evans. However, as we saw for most of the second half, the offense went radio silent, so I think I jumped the gun on this one.

This two-fer is where my mind space was as the clock was waning in the fourth quarter. I was absolutely convinced (as all of us probably were) that we were going to lose and give a program having the smallest inkling of a moment get a chance to have their flowers and storm the field. Of course I genuinely love these were wrong because what came at the end of the game was grit, hope, and relief. It is still 30 straight ACC regular season wins, and the season still has hope.