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OFD Podcast: Notre Dame Football and choking on bowl schadenfreude

We can breathe easier

Joshua, Jude, and Brendan welcome in the new year for Notre Dame Football with tidings of comfort and joy. In this episode:

  • HELLO!
  • Recasting Dan Brown’s world with Indiana Jones because Joshua saw an old cowboy.
  • Scientology and the Amish... basically the same thing.
  • Notre Dame’s Gator Bowl win over the South Carolina Gamecocks.
  • Tyler Buchner’s big 7 touchdown day.
  • Notre Dame’s dominant 2nd half defense.
  • Jayden Thomas is definitely a number one - even if it’s a number one number two.
  • DISCLAIMER: At no point in the podcast did any of the unholy trio mention Mitchell Evan’s name, but it was probably Brendan’s Michigan blood that was at fault.
  • Heaps of love for Braden Lenzy.
  • Audric Estime should get the ball more, but we love what Logan Diggs does too - this is fun!
  • The choke job we witnessed when the USC Trojans lost to the Tulane Green Wave.
  • Speaking of choke jobs... the Michigan Wolverines had their layup against the TCU Horned Frogs swatted away and we’re here to dunk all over it.
  • The status quo is good for us.
  • Sam Hartman is now Big Baby Daddy Sam Hartman, and we talk a lot about him and the quarterback situation.
  • Christmas Trash.

And plenty more weaved in and out of the show.

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