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Notre Dame Football: Tom Lemming dropped some Irish gems today

And maybe Brady Quinn dropped an entire family?

Tom Lemming and Jim Crowley

Tom Lemming took to Twitter this morning with a series of tweets that had some old pictures with a lot of Notre Dame football ties. Lemming has been around the block more than a couple of million times, and it’s his pre-internet era knowledge that I still crave to this day.

I might even call a 900 number just to get some of those historical tidbits.

Anyways... I wanted to make sure I shared what he posted this morning.

I’m 99.9% certain Tom meant to type “beaten by Brady Quinn,” instead of, “beaten up by Brady Quinn,” but the thought of it had me rolling for a few minutes. Who knows? Maybe Quinn did go apeshit on the elder Olsen.

I choose the matrix. College football is all about legends anyways... let’s make this a new one.

I mean — just look at that beautiful human being. There will never be another Jerome Bettis and that makes me feel a little hollow inside. FULLBACKS FOREVER!

Speaking of legends... a 4 Horseman with dog tags and his shirt off for a pic. The grandpa everyone deserves.

The ULTIMATE what could have been. Could you even imagine what would have went down in South Bend with Randy Moss wearing a gold helmet? Add even more to that fantasy with a Ron Powlus that never got hurt... SWOON.

I’ll keep a closer eye on Mr. Lemming in the future, and see what else he digs out of the trunk in his basement. Good stuff all the way around.

*Also... this is a very cheap way of saying the 5 Photo Fridays are coming back