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Notre Dame Football: Grim transfer portal update for the Irish

Sooner or later you dance with the reaper

The transfer portal is still smoking hot, but the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are dead cold at the moment.

The latest hits come as ND is set to begin classes in a week.

USC Trojans WR CJ Williams is transferring to the Wisconsin Badgers.

Texas A&M DT Anthony Lucas is transferring to the USC Trojans.

Utah State Aggies DE Byron Vaughns is probably not landing in South Bend with the Irish.

While the grim reaper picture probably sets a more dire mood than what the reality actually is — it still stings for a program that has needs at the positions listed.

Williams must REALLY not want to go to Notre Dame, and maybe his Mater Dei blood just won’t allow it. Lucas was probably a case of wanting to stay in the south, and I’m hearing Vaughns may not be a take for ND.

And those were the three names talked about the most over the past week.

Basically… we now wait until after spring ball to see what else might be out there for June enrollment.