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Notre Dame Football: Irish drop to #9 in Coaches Poll and #8 in AP Top 25

Top 10

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Ohio State Kyle Robertson-USA TODAY Sports

Despite fan frustrations after Notre Dame’s 21-10 loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday night, the general theme across the country was that the Irish acquitted themselves quite well in Columbus. Those themes became manifest in this week’s rankings.

Notre Dame was ranked #5 in both polls heading into the season, and even after the loss, the Irish remain in the Top 10. The Irish were ranked #9 in the coaches poll and #8 in the AP Top 25.

Because of the Georgia Bulldogs dominance in their blowout win over the Oregon Ducks, the Buckeyes drop a spot to #3.

Other Irish opponents in this week’s rankings (Coaches, AP):

For whatever reason, the North Carolina Tar Heels received votes in both polls.

Yes, I know how meaningless these polls are in the grand scheme of the season — but this IS college football, and these types of things are still fun for us as we get to the time when the college football playoff committee releases their first set of rankings.