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Notre Dame vs. Ohio State: OVERREACTIONS

We all get heated in the moment

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Ohio State Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

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As we head throughout this 2022 Notre Dame Fighting Irish season, I will be compiling and explaining away my takes after seeing some WILD OVERREACTIONS to the game. These will mostly come from takes, emotions, and thoughts I see or hear during the games or immediately following games.

On Saturday night, the Irish lost a heartbreaker and a gut puncher to the Ohio State Buckeyes. The game was close, and the team showed poise until they didn’t in the late third and early fourth quarters. This was not Miami 2017 or UM 2019, this was a game where the Irish could have won but fell short.

Let’s take a look at some of the reactions. As a disclaimer, these are not call outs for public shaming - we all get heated in the moment. I want to address these takes after we all get one sleep post-game.

ND vs. OSU Overreactions

To be fair, I might have uttered this at some point under my breath last night. We don’t suck, and the game plan was fine until OSU punched back really hard. The answer was not really there and too many adjustments needed to be made, especially on offense.

Speaking of the game plan, we have a negative reaction to Tommy Rees and his play calling. Some were definitely head scratchers, and it is definitely clear that when there were adjustments that needed to be made, the offense got spooked and could not deliver. Having to pass more but Buchner struggling on passes late in the game did not provide a great setup at the end of the game. However, let’s not forget Rees is 22-4 as the offensive coordinator - he is not a failure.

This overreaction is a two-for-one, and they have two different vibes. The original thought is similar to what we saw that the Irish suck. It’s true they did not win a big game on the road, but this is a short-term outlook. The reply to this is also an overreaction to the positive. I am also one that is incredibly optimistic of the future of the program. However, it’s a bit bold to claim winning a national championship in two years. Like last night’s offense, I’m going to stay on the more conservative side of that take and not make as bold of a claim. I am also not that bold of a guy.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Ohio State Kyle Robertson-USA TODAY Sports

Did you see or hear any other overreactions? Have comments about the ones shown here? Let us know in the comments.