Anybody want to play a picks contest that has no prizes just for the hell of it? Now's your moment.

What's the greatest upset in sports history?

The Miracle on Ice has to be on the list. As is ND hoops vs UCLA in 1974 when Digger's crew, down 11 to Wooden's UCLA juggernaut with 3:32 to play, a team that included Bill Walton, stormed back to break the Bruins 88 game win streak. Buster Douglas taking down Mike Tyson is an acceptable answer.

As is a 2013 middle school girls basketball contest that saw an undersized band of 6th and 7th graders from Carolina Day School in Asheville, North Carolina defeat a rough and ready Veritas squad from down the road in Fletcher stacked with 8th graders, a game in which a wiry 6th grader, the coach's kid, hit a turnaround jumper from the foul line to put Carolina Day up late. Has victory ever tasted so sweet? Not to the coach of the team that day.

Sports upsets are fun. But what are the actual top upsets of all time? What are THE MOMENTS that defied unfathomable odds and whose outcome was transcendent? Well...

  • 3.7 billion years ago life arose on Earth from the primordial darkness, a huge win against long, long odds
  • YOU are here, the odds of which are something like 1 x 10^45,000 to 1; that's a one with 45,000 zeros to one
  • In 1868 Dudley Majoribanks bred a wavy-coated, gold-colored dog named Nous to Belle, a Tweed Water Spaniel, and the first litter of Golden Retrievers were born
Cheers to life, to you, and to goldens!!! Yay upsets!!!

And cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame!

(Whose fight song FINALLY recognizes that women were admitted to the university)

The Irish are something like 17 point underdogs as they travel to Ohio Stadium on Saturday night. I saw on the ESPN ticker that Ohio State has an 84% chance of winning.

OSU has a bevy of elite receivers and a QB who is a Heisman Trophy favorite. They have a boss running back (who also could win the Heisman) and talent across both offensive and defensive lines. They have an historically strong winning culture and a genius, though new, defensive coordinator. Their head coach will be a head coach in the NFL before too long. With weapons like the First Order, they score like Arike Ogunbowale and defend like the Ukrainian army.

AND OSU is playing at home. At night. In front of 103,000 of the meat-headest, mad facebook-postingest, loudest fans on the planet. Some Ohio State dudes are so dude-ish that they don't just have nuts between their legs, but they've got nuts around their necks.

(Apologies to OSU fans for whom you have affection and all of the OSU folks who are just out there creating new knowledge and doing amazing work all the while paying no attention to the football team.)

ND meanwhile has a new QB and a new head coach (0-1 Marcus Freeman) and no chance.

But college football is dumb and dumb things happen. And CJ Stroud might not last the night against the Irish D-line, self-described as "the strongest, most badass motherf@ckers in the country."

For me, I just hope ND doesn't get run off the field. Call me a coward, but I'm squarely in the "I hope it's a close game" crowd. To wish for more seems greedy.

Beating Ohio State, the team I hate most in the entirety of college football, at home, at night, potentially derailing both a CFP bid and a Heisman trophy...Oh the ecstasy!...would rank among the top few moments in my fanhood.

And I don't think it's going to happen.

Yet, my forever sweet-springing optimism about Notre Dame Football has begun to rise and I hear myself tell myself, "So you're telling me there's a chance."

Because, upsets, they happen. Get hyped.

Picks due by kickoff.

Here's how it works...

1) Fill out this form to say who you think will win the game and what the final score will be. Also, answer the bonus question.

2) Points will be awarded for picking the winner, predicting the total number of points scored by both teams, and predicting the spread of the final score. Also, duh, for the bonus question.

3) Points will accumulate throughout the season.

4) I'll post a picks reminder each week (if they keep letting me post here) but it's up to you to remember to make your picks

5) No prizes will be awarded to the winner, but I'll gratuitously shout out the top pickers so there's that.

Go Irish!

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